Details of P.G. Students

Thesis accomplished in the Department of Renewable Energy Sources, CTAE, Udaipur since the Year 2002

Year of the Thesis Title of the Thesis Name of the Student Name of the Major Advisor


M. Tech. Thesis  


2002 Evaluation, Refinement and Agro-Industrial Application of Solar Tunnel Dryer Mahendra Singh Sevada Dr. N.S. Rathore
2004 Design & Development of Composite Solar Appliances for Domestic Use Sandeep H. Sengar Dr. A.K. Kurchania
2005 Design and Development of Liquid Slurry Applicator for application of Liquid Digested Slurry of Biogas Plant Pankaj Madhukar Neheta Dr. A.K. Kurchania
2005 Design and Development of Biomass Gasifier and Heating System for Industrial Product Vijay Yaswant Chiplunkar Dr. N.S. Rathore
2006 Performance Evaluation of Dual Fuel Engine with Scrubbed Biogas for Power Generation Mahesh Chand Meena Dr. Deepak Sharma
2007 Design and Development of the Mixed Mode Shallow Solar Dryer with Thermal Storage for Drying of Onion Flakes Saurabh V Chaudhari Dr. Surnedra Kothari
2007 Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of Biomass based Natural Draft Gasifier System for Thermal Application Pramod B Ransing Dr. Deepak Sharma
2007 Development of an Efficient Engineered Prototype Solar Dryer for Rose Petals Tilak Kumar Chavda Dr. N.S. Rathore
2007 Design and Development of Producer Gas Operated Heat Exchanger Chetan Baliram Khobragade Dr. Sudhir Jain
2007 Design and Development of A Mixed-Mode Natural Convection Solar Dryer Sunil Lalji Narware Dr. Surendra Kothari
2007 Design and Development of Paraboloid Solar Concentrator for Wax Melting Patil Ram Murti Dr. A.K. Kurchania
2008 Design, Development & Performance Evaluation of Biogas Stoves Ms. Pagar Savita Daulatrao Dr. A.K. Kurchania
2008 Performance Evaluation for High-Tech Cultivation under Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse Nandkishor Manohar Dhakata Dr. Surendra Kothari
22.04.09 Development of a Prototype Biomass fired Gasifier Stove for different Biomass Mangesh Diwakarrao Ghungrud Dr. Deepak Sharma
2008 Performance Evaluation of Castor Ethyl Ester operated Compression Ignition Engine Hemant Yadaorao Shrirame Er. N.L. Panwar
07.12.2009 Anaerobic Digestion behavior of Jatropha Oil Cake for Biogas production B. Ashok Kumar Dr. A.K. Kurchania
2009 Design & development of Natural Convection Solar Tunnel Dryer for drying of Stevia Leaves Devdas Ganpati Shinde Dr. Surendra Kothari
31.08.2010 Development of Solar Concentrator for Milk Pasteurization Sagar Suresh Duegavale Dr. Surendra Kothari
18.05.2010 Energy Auditing and scope for its conservation in Textile Industry: A case Study Kapre A.S. Dr. Deepak Sharma
23 Aug. 2010 Design & Development of Paraboloid Solar Concentrator for Ginger Drying Gayatri Dilip Lalage Dr. Sudhir Jain
2011 Development & Field Evaluation of Jatropha Oil cake based flexible balloon biogas plant coupled with stirring device  Sujata Nandkumar Chougule Dr. A.K.Kurchania
2011 Bio methanation of Kitchen waste by flexible balloon digester Dinesh Babaji Kannor Dr. A.K.Kurchania
2011 Study on Roof integrated forced convection type solar dryer for industrial application Naik Sonali Sunil Dr. N. S. Rathore
2011 Design and Development of biomass based forced convective drying system Deshpande Ajinkya Dipak Dr. N.S. Rathore
2012 Design , Development and Performance evaluation of efficient solar water pumping unit coupled with drip irrigation system for horticulture crops Pradip Digambar Narale Dr. N. S. Rathore
2012 Design, Development of forced convection type solar dryer with thermal energy storage Miss.Arpita Mehta Dr. Sudhir Jain
2012 Design, Development & performance evaluation of solar assisted bin type drying system for maize Miss. Jemimah Mohanlal Dr. Surendra Kothari
2012 Design, Development & performance evaluation of vapour Compression Refrigeration System powered by Solar Photo voltaic and grid system Kapil Sharma Dr. Surendra Kothari
2012 Development of Fresnel lens concentrated solar water heater cum distillation unit Kapurkar Prashant Maruti Dr. A. K. Kurchania
2013 Energy and Exergy analysis of Indirect type solar dryer based on phase changing material for energy storage Vikas Shringi Dr. Surendra Kothari
2013 Performance evolution of different models of portable metallic biomass cook stove Miss. Manisha Mali Dr. Deepak Sharma
2013 Design and of development of hybrid Dryer based on solar and electrical energy Miss. Arpita Nagori Dr. Surendra Kothari
2013 Computer aid expert system for planning & designing of family size biogas plant Kharpude Sudhir Narayan Dr. Deepak Sharma
2013 Study of energy conservation opportunities for turmeric production in solar green house and its processing. Miss. Charu Mathur Dr. Sudhir Jain
2014 Design and Development of PV Power pack based solar tracking system Khyati Viyas Dr. Sudhir Jain
2015 Design and Development of Biomass based water heating System Paul Arjun Sanjay Dr. N. L. Panwar
2015 Performance evaluation of pre fabricated portable floating drum type biogas plant Bhagade Sachin Shahaji Dr. Deepak Sharma
2015 Development of Family Size Biogas Plant on Kitchen waste Shurpatne Amol Dilip Dr. Deepak Sharma
2015 Design and Development of Hybrid Dryer for Indoor Drying Mrs. Kritika Sharma Dr. Surendra Kothari
2015 Modelling, Simulation and Performance analysis of Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline Solar Photo Voltaic Panels Mrs. Neelam Rathore Dr. Surendra Kothari
2015 Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of a Wood Gas Stove with Thermo Electric Power Generation System Himanshu Kumar Dr. N. L. Panwar
2015 Development of test code and performance index for new biogas design approval Vishnu Pahadiya Dr. Deepak Sharma
2016 Design, Development and Performance evaluation of low cost hybrid dryer cum cooker for household usage Choudhary Ramesh Harjbhai Dr. Sudhir Jain
2016 Thermodynamic analysis of Solar Photovoltic System Jadhav Snehal Sahebrao Dr. N. L. Panwar
2016 Development and Performance evaluation of Biogas slurry Dewatering mechanism Kadam Rahul Gajanan Dr. Deepak Sharma
2016 Design and Development of Biomass fired dryer for Agricultural producers Nalwade Rohit Dilip Dr. N. L. Panwar
2016 Study and Analysis of Solar Photovoltic system under the effect of partial shading for efficiency maximization Parul Mertia Dr. Surendra Kothari
2016 Study on material of contraction for improved biomass cookstoves Shinde Nikhil Vasant Dr. Deepak Sharma
2016 Study on biomethanation of microbial pretreated water hyacinth Yashwant Raj Verma Dr. Sudhir Jain
2017 Enrichment of Biogas Plant Spent Slurry with Phosphate rich Industrial Wastewater Jawale Laleet Janardan Dr. Sudhir Jain
2017 Design and Development of Biomass Torrefaction Unit Kadam Rohan Rajendra Dr. N. L. Panwar
2017 Design and Development of Pelletizing Machine for Biogas Slurry as an Organic Manure Miss More Madhuri Mohan Dr. Deepak Sharma
2017 Design and Development of Fixed bed type Fast Pyrolysis Unit Patil Madhura Rajendra Dr. N. L. Panwar
2017 Comparitive analytical study of family size KVIC, Deenbandhu and Balloon Biogas Plant Saurabh Kumar Yadav Dr. Deepak Sharma


Ph.D. Thesis   


2002 Thermal modeling and performance evaluation of a commercial solar dryer N.K.Jain Dr. A.N.Mathur
2003 Study on design and operational parameters of Donkey operated power transmission unit R.C. Hellikeri Dr. N.S. Rathore
2007 Biomethanation Parameters and kinetic Evaluation of Pilot Biogas Plants designed for Solid State Fermentation of Dairy Cattle Waste D.K. Vani Dr. A.K. Kurchania
2007 Thermal Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Solar Green House for Nursery Raising Sandeep H. Sengar Dr. Surnedra Kothari
2008 Development of engineered prototype of functionally successful solar tunnel dryer for agro-industrial application Mahendra Singh Sevada Dr. N.S. Rathore
30.06.2010 Design and Development of Briquetting Machine for Eco-friendly Fuel Deepali Sahadeorao Mandwe Dr. Deepak Sharma
April 2010 Design of a Fixed Dome Commercial Biogas
Plant on dry Fermentation basis and its economic evaluation
Hakimuddin Dr. A.K. Kurchania
31 Aug. 2010 Design and Development of an Integrated Solar and Biomass Energy System for Cashew Nut Processing Atul Ganeshrao Mohod Dr. Sudhir Jain
2013 Design & Development of an Integrated Biomass and Solar Energy System for primary processing of Turmeric  Hitesh Sanchavat Dr. Surendra Kothari
2013 Study on selected Bio-Energy Harnessing Technologies for groundnut shell Jayshree B   Mahajan Dr.Deepak Sharma
2013 Student on Forced Convection type Solar Tunnel Dryer For Industrial Application Mahendra Singh Dulawat Dr.N.S. Rathore
2017 Thermal Modelling and Experimental Validation of an Improved Biomass Cookstoves Mehetre Sonam Arun Dr. Deepak Sharma
2017 Embodied Energy, Life Cycle Modelling and Environment Impact Analysis: Acase of Institutional Biogas Plant Unit Kharpude Sudhir Narayan Dr. Deepak Sharma
Quotation Invitation for Solar Plant and Solar Pump (TEQIP III) New
Invitation for Bids for Civil Works (TEQIP III) New
Limited Bid No.: CTAE/Mech/2017-18/LB-06: Lagged pipe apparatus and car air condition test rig New
Limited Bid-05: Supply of Revolving Chair New
Invitation for Hiring Consultancy Services TEQIP III New
Invitation for BIDS Shopping Goods (Split AC) TEQIP III
LB NO. CTAE/Mech/207-18/LB/04: Lagged pipe apparatus and Car air condition test rig
Limited Bid-03 for Wireless access point & POE Adapter
Limited Bid Document for "AMC for RO Systems at CTAE"
eProcurement of "Passenger Lift for Administrative Building of MPUAT"
NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/06 (Goods and Services)
NIT: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/05 (Services on Job Basis)
NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/04_Technical services and Office work on Job Basis at FMTC, CTAE, Udaipur
Tender: CTAE/eNIT/2017-18/01_Procurement of Lift and various services for College, Hostel Mess and Sucurity
NIT: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/03 for Various services at CTAE- Canteen, Food, Cleaning, Electrical, Carpentry, Seed production
Date Change for NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/02_Technical and Financial Bid Opening
Notice Inviting Tenders (CTAE/NIT/2017-18/02) for Various Instruments and Equipment
Notice Inviting Auction of Old Vehicles: CTAE/NIA/2017-18/01
NIT-03_Construction of Sub Surface Dyke at Chhali Village, District: Udaipur
LB-14 for Certified seed production of Moong crop in the ZAYAD season 2017 Services
Bid for Automatic Mineral Mixture Production Unit


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