“Engineering is not education in books and notebooks,
 In fact it’s education in labs and workshops!”

  • Along with sound theoretical knowledge a through knowledge-how of practical problems encountered in the real world. The department has advanced labs equipped with most modern machineries and instruments that are required to up bring a sound engineer.
    The department has well-equipped laboratories namely electrical machine lab, electrical measurement lab, electrical work shop, air-conditioned computer lab, microprocessor lab, control system lab, power system lab, power electronics lab and basic electrical lab etc. as per requirement of the university syllabus. The special feature of the labs being equipped with :-

  • Advanced Power Converters like Matrix Converter
  • Intelligent Module based advanced electrical drives
  • Power Quality Analyzer, Four channel DSO
  • Robotic system for industrial process simulation.
  • PLC system
  • Digital power line supervisor
  • Data logger
  • Industrial process fault finding trainer(imported from FEEDBACK, UK )
  • MATLAB,visual simulation
  • Energy auditor.
  • The Department is well equipped with a number of PCs and workstations hosting several software packages, and linked through a local area network. Internet services are available to all students and faculty.

    The Department has over 10 well equipped laboratories and operates its own library, offering facilities in all areas of Electrical Engineering.

S.No. Name of the Lab. Available area size (Sq.-m) Maximum batch engagement No. of Experiments
1. Microprocessor Lab 110 1 15
2. Control System Lab 110 1 15
3. Instrumentation Lab 110 1 15
4. Basic Electrical Engg. Lab 110 1 15
5. Basic Electronics Engg. Lab 110 1 15
6. Elect. Machine Lab 130 1 10
7. Circuit Theory Lab 130 1 12
8. Electrical Measurement & Instruments Lab 70 1 15
9. Power System Lab 70 1 15
10. Power Electronics Lab 70 1 12
11. Analog Electronics Lab 75 1 15
12. Digital Electronies Lab 75 1 15
13. Linear Integrated Circuit Lab 75 1 15
14. Computer Lab 70 1 -


The departmental library is a large collection that comprises of books,bound journals, technical reports, latest published research reports and soft copies that enables the students to overpower their knowledge bank. Various books on modern computational and mathematical control techniques such as fuzzy logic, neural networks and evolutionary programming are made available to the students on tenure of one week.

Internet Facility

The internet acts as a window to the world. The department offers high speed access to the internet to enable students to be aware of the latest technological developments around the globe. The internet lab consists of 40 P4 computers interconnected with LAN.


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