There is ample opportunity for the scholars to avail the numerous facilities being provided by the department. This includes a computer lab parallel to the college' having all the multimedia and interfacing devices, farm machinery lab, farm power lab, two workshops, a fully computerized bio-diesel lab, traction lab, farms for testing on mechanization, advanced audio-visual teaching aids etc.

Research & Development

There is infrastructure and financial support for the research & development cell and the scholars are encouraged to undergo intensive advance research work of their choice. Presently, various research projects are underway being sanctioned through ICAR under AICRP, NATP, KVIC, GVT-MPUAT etc. and sanctions of more research projects are awaited, being structured according to the needs and deeds of the scholars.

On going research projects
Name Funding Agency
1.All India Coordinated Research Project on Farm Implements & Machinery
2.All India Coordinated Research Project on Utilization of Animal Energy with Enhanced System Efficiency
3.All India Coordinated Research Project on Ergonomics  and Safety in Agriculture

ICAR, New Delhi
ICAR, New Delhi
ICAR,  New Delhi
Establishment  of Agricultural Machinery Testing Centre Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of India, New Delhi
Machines/Technology developed
  • Different matching attachments for multipurpose tool frame such as seeding device,   bund former, bed former, MB plough, water tanker and trailer
  • Pratap wheel hand hoe
  • Paddle operated maize dehusker sheller
  • Ergo-friendly fruit harvesting package
  • Hydraulic tractor trailer with safety devices
  • Mechanisation of sowing and threshing of seed spices crops by development and successful evaluation of planter and thresher.
  • Air sleeve boom sprayer.
  • Multi crop seed drill cum planter.

Teaching Aids

Apart from conventional classroom teaching, advanced audio-visual aids are used to build innovative outlook and research inclination among the scholars and ease the conceptualization of technological aspects. The advance audio-visual tools comprises classroom studies on LCD projector and through internet which not only produces a conducive environment for learning but also aids in better understanding of the basic concepts of the subject.


  • Farm Power Lab
  • Farm Machinery Lab
  • Plant Protection Lab
  • CAD and Data Processing Lab
  • Bio-diesel Lab
  • Ergonomics Lab
  • Traction Lab
  • Experiential Learning Workshop
  • Prototype Manufacturing Workshop

Ergonomics Laboratory

CAD and Data Processing Laboratory

Electro Discharge Machine (EDM)

Universal Radial Drilling Machine

Metal Cutting Band Saw

Laser land Leveller

Power Weeder


Self Propelled Reaper

Multi crop seed drill cum planter

Whole plant maize thresher

Aero Blast Sprayer

Multi crop seed drill cum planter

Whole plant maize thresher

Power Transmission System

Quotation Invitation for Solar Plant and Solar Pump (TEQIP III) New
Invitation for Bids for Civil Works (TEQIP III) New
Limited Bid No.: CTAE/Mech/2017-18/LB-06: Lagged pipe apparatus and car air condition test rig New
Limited Bid-05: Supply of Revolving Chair New
Invitation for Hiring Consultancy Services TEQIP III New
Invitation for BIDS Shopping Goods (Split AC) TEQIP III
LB NO. CTAE/Mech/207-18/LB/04: Lagged pipe apparatus and Car air condition test rig
Limited Bid-03 for Wireless access point & POE Adapter
Limited Bid Document for "AMC for RO Systems at CTAE"
eProcurement of "Passenger Lift for Administrative Building of MPUAT"
NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/06 (Goods and Services)
NIT: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/05 (Services on Job Basis)
NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/04_Technical services and Office work on Job Basis at FMTC, CTAE, Udaipur
Tender: CTAE/eNIT/2017-18/01_Procurement of Lift and various services for College, Hostel Mess and Sucurity
NIT: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/03 for Various services at CTAE- Canteen, Food, Cleaning, Electrical, Carpentry, Seed production
Date Change for NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/02_Technical and Financial Bid Opening
Notice Inviting Tenders (CTAE/NIT/2017-18/02) for Various Instruments and Equipment
Notice Inviting Auction of Old Vehicles: CTAE/NIA/2017-18/01
NIT-03_Construction of Sub Surface Dyke at Chhali Village, District: Udaipur
LB-14 for Certified seed production of Moong crop in the ZAYAD season 2017 Services
Bid for Automatic Mineral Mixture Production Unit


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