1. Quotation Invitation for Solar Plant and Solar Pump (TEQIP III)New
  2. Invitation for Bids for Civil Works (TEQIP III)New
  3. Limited Bid No.: CTAE/Mech/2017-18/LB-06: Lagged pipe apparatus and car air condition test rigNew
  4. Limited Bid-05: Supply of Revolving ChairNew
  5. Invitation for Hiring Consultancy Services TEQIP IIINew
  6. Invitation for BIDS Shopping Goods (Split AC) TEQIP III
  7. LB NO. CTAE/Mech/207-18/LB/04: Lagged pipe apparatus and Car air condition test rig
  8. Limited Bid-03 for Wireless access point & POE Adapter
  9. Limited Bid Document for "AMC for RO Systems at CTAE"
  10. eProcurement of "Passenger Lift for Administrative Building of MPUAT"
  11. NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/06 (Goods and Services)
  12. NIT: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/05 (Services on Job Basis)
  13. NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/04_Technical services and Office work on Job Basis at FMTC, CTAE, Udaipur
  14. Tender: CTAE/eNIT/2017-18/01_Procurement of Lift and various services for College, Hostel Mess and Sucurity
  15. NIT: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/03 for Various services at CTAE- Canteen, Food, Cleaning, Electrical, Carpentry, Seed production
  16. Date Change for NIT No.: CTAE/NIT/2017-18/02_Technical and Financial Bid Opening
  17. Notice Inviting Tenders (CTAE/NIT/2017-18/02) for Various Instruments and Equipment
  18. Notice Inviting Auction of Old Vehicles: CTAE/NIA/2017-18/01
  19. NIT-03_Construction of Sub Surface Dyke at Chhali Village, District: Udaipur
  20. LB-14 for Certified seed production of Moong crop in the ZAYAD season 2017 Services
  21. Bid for Automatic Mineral Mixture Production Unit
  22. LB-13_DC Welding Machine
  23. Limited Bid for Taxi on hire charges
  24. Limited Bid- Battery operated electric vehicle system


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